Save the Children

I’m late with my post this month because I got completely side-tracked – I’ve been writing a very important document and I’ve been focussing on that.

The company I work for in my day job has a partnership with Save the Children, the charity which supports children across the world. There is currently a competition to take just 40 of our 110,000 employees to Kenya to see the work that Save the Children do and to climb Mount Kenya.  The application form has to be in shortly.

It’s a fantastic trip, and one which will require a huge amount of preparation and training. You don’t need to be a mountaineer to climb Mount Kenya – it’s relatively easy – but you do need to be fit. I’ve done other climbs with smaller mountains, but that was some time ago and this would be a significant challenge.

So I’ve been crafting my form, thinking about why I want to go, what I can bring to the team, how I would ensure that I was fit enough, and – most importantly – how I will go about raising enough money.

The charity is asking each applicant to raise £4,000 or more, which the company will then match. So for 40 people this will be over £320,000 for the charity, a fantastic amount which could make a significant difference to the projects being run in Kenya, including projects to protect kids from malaria and others to reduce the risk of mothers passing the HIV virus to their babies. Save the Children do some fantastic work and I’ve love to be able to support them in this way.

So, my form is nearly done. By the time I do my next post I’ll know if I’m lucky enough to have been selected. If I am, you’ll be hearing LOTS about it – I’ll be trying to raise the money by auctioning school visits so I’ll need your help. Keep your fingers crossed for me and I’ll let you know how I get on.


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