Storm Cat

One of the nicest things about being on Girls Heart Books is the chance to show off The New Book.   Now, what I’m supposed to do now is upload a picture of the cover, but the computer won’t upload, download, sideways load or pre-load, in fact it must have given itself an overload trying, so I’ll just tell you that it’s


 and you need to rush out and buy it at once.

I’d done a lot of animal books about the relationship between a young person and an animal.  This one is different.  This book is set in the remote Scottish Highlands in winter, and features wildcats.  You  don’t have a relationship with those things.  You only have to look at them to know that they don’t speak that kind of language.  Even so, there are young people and wildcats in this book, as well as danger, tension, and a true Highland blizzard.  The important relationship is different this time.  Libby, who is a pretty sorted fourteen year old, is going on holiday with her divorced mum so that they can meet up with mum’s new chap and his little boy, Cam.  Everyone calls him ‘funny little Cam’ or ‘odd little Cam’, and Libby soon finds out why.  I’ve grown very fond of Libby, who sees what needs doing and does it, even if that includes getting the grown-ups to act like grown-ups.  And she makes me laugh.


As for wildcats – contrary to what people used to think they don’t leap out of trees and claw you to bits, but they are shy and fierce and it’s not a good idea to get within pouncing distance.  They have very thick coats, bottle brush tails, and long ears, and they are an endangered species.  It would help if they understood that, but they don’t.  The trouble is, they aren’t too fussy about what they mate with as long as it’s some sort of a cat, so there are a lot of Scottish feral cats around with a bit of wildcat in them, but the pure bred wildcat is getting hard to find.  But you can find one in STORM CAT.  I hope you like it.



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