Book snobs suck!

Know what makes me fed-up? When people get a bit, well, snobbish about books. As if there’s a ‘better’ sort of book. Those people can be well-meaning (or sometimes NOT so well-meaning) parents or teachers, or even just some kid in class who’s a bit sniffy about your choice of book from the school library ’cause they’ve just read all of the ‘Divergent’ trilogy over lunchtime. Other authors can be snobbish too (gasp!). On one social media thread I was part of recently, a male author who shall remain nameless had a rant about how rubbish ‘girly’ books were. (My daughter has a copy of one of his books. I went and jumped up and down on it. Hard.)

book snobs

But here’s the thing… reading is great, in whatever form it takes. And snobbery is pants, whichever way you look at it.

So whether you get a kick out of snort-out-loud-on-the-bus funny stuff or brooding dystopia, enjoy it.

If you love a chunky book you’ll get lost in for forever, fine. But if quick reads get you hooked, dive right on in. ‘Cause the point is…

all books matter

And one publisher that specialises in publishing shorter, quick-read books is the small-but-excellent Barrington Stoke. Don’t quote me here, but I think they pretty much hate book snobbery too, which is why their books are so inclusive. You can enjoy them if you’re a confident reader, and fancy a change of pace. If reading’s not normally your thing, one of their short ‘n’ snappy novels might change your mind. If you’re dyslexic, the paper they printed on and the font and language they use is specially designed to ease your reading experience!

I’ve been lucky enough to be asked to write for Barrington Stoke for the last few years (below, my newest title, out YESTERDAY!), and they really are going from strength to strength. Do have a nosey at their website, and spread the quick-read word…

Oh, and feel free to jump HARD on any book snobs you come across. (Er, then again…)

Karen McCombie :c) 

The OMG Blog



6 thoughts on “Book snobs suck!

  1. Completely agree with this blog. Comics, magazines, encyclopaedia …. all books are great reading and suit different people, different moods and energies and different amounts of time.

  2. Hi Karen,

    Did you have a good Easter? 🙂

    This is a good post Karen, I do Not like people who share their book hates, why voice things that make people feel bad? I’ve never understood it. 🙂

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