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Where Am I? – Emma Barnes

No, I’m not at my desk working.  I’ve escaped!

To give you a clue where, have a look at this book cover.


Or this one:

Rose and the Magician's Mask.jpg

Or this one:


Or how about this one:


I think you might have worked it out by now!  But I’ll add another just for luck:


Yes, I’m in Venice, enjoying the canals, gondolas, beautiful buildings and the home-made Italian ice-cream (it’s called gelato – yum).

It’s a comfort to know that when I get home, I have plenty of books I can read that will take me back here.  I will be posting a list of all the children’s books set in or linked with Venice that I can find on the ABBA blog on the 17th of this month (that’s four days from now), if you want to take a look.  If you can think of any titles do let me know in the comments.



  • Emma Barnes writes funny, contemporary fiction for children – for more information see her web-page.
  • Her latest book, Wild Thing Goes Camping, is the third in her series about the naughtiest little sister ever.







2 thoughts on “Where Am I? – Emma Barnes

  1. Let us know your favourite flavour of Venetian ice cream when you get back! (After extensive research, my current favourite is Amarena, but I’m always willing to learn …)

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