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Introducing Callie

Regular readers will all know of my beautiful GSD, Indy – a BIG dog in both size and character. What most people didn’t realise was that Indy was a very old dog, nearly 84 in dog years. Very, very sadly, just before Christmas Indy became ill and died.

Indy Best.Dog.Ever.

Indy. Best.Dog.Ever.

It was a heart wrenching time. My family missed her SO much. We still do. How can you fill the gaping hole left by 42 kilos of GSD with tons more kilos of character?

We all agreed we could NEVER have another dog. Indy was irreplaceable. End of discussion.

But, recently a family member became ill and we found ourselves temporarily dog sitting.

Dog Sitting

Dog Sitting Misty

Misty quickly made us realise exactly what we were missing out on. After much talking, and thinking, we decided to visit some puppies. Just to look, that was all.

Early on Sunday morning, (the sort of early when most sane people are still in bed), we set off to go look at six, white German Shepherd puppies.  Four hours later we arrived. As we drove up, the puppies parents’ welcomed us with lots of friendly woofs. The puppies joined in, racing up and down, yapping excitedly, ‘Who are you? Have you come to see US?’

The Parents

The Parents

You can guess what’s coming, can’t you?



Readers, I’d like you to meet Callie, our new puppy, named after Calliope the Greek Muse of epic poetry. Calliope also means ‘beautiful face.’

Callie, welcome to GHB – and no chewing the web pages!


10 thoughts on “Introducing Callie

  1. Hello little Callie – how cuuuuuuute! We’ve got a new puppy too 🙂 Her name’s Freya and I’ll be introducing her to GHB on the 10th. She’s 11 weeks old and loves exploring xx

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