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From pooey car to bookshelf…

I can’t tell you how excited I am. In a few days’ time my debut children’s book will be hitting the shelves! It’s taken nearly six years to get here. The first four years I spent writing stories and scripts and dreaming of seeing a book with my name on the spine. Then I chanced upon my husband’s bird poo-covered car in 2014, which inspired a story about a heroic pigeon, and led to the last two years of living and breathing feathers, sheds and biscuits.

There just aren’t enough words or exclamation marks to describe the insane levels of excitement I’m feeling right now to have my dreams come true.

Ta daaaaah!


Dave Pigeon is a tale of two pigeons trying to settle a score with an ultra villainous and extremely deadly cat. It’s like The Hunger Games for pigeons and cats. (Only not like The Hunger Games. At all. It’s more a story about two hungry pigeons and an even hungrier cat and they are all a bit rubbish at games.)

Dave Pigeon is illustrated by the mighty talent that is Sheena Dempsey and you can read an interview with her here. Her illustrations are so hilarious that even though I’ve seen them all so many times now, I’m still rolling around on the floor laughing when I flick through the book.

Dave Cover

I hope you all enjoy Dave Pigeon and do let me know if you see him out in the wild in your local bookshop or library. I’d love to see him on a shelf near you so tweet me your pictures.

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