I dedicate this blog to . . .

Only The Most Lovely thing happened to me yesterday.

The fabulous Jo Cotterill came round for a cup of tea – and brought me a copy of her brilliant new book:

A library of lemons

Now, having had a sneaky preview of this book (which isn’t quite out yet) I can tell you it’s Amazing and Wonderful and you have to get it – but I warn you to get a large box of tissues at the same time. And if you’re into wearing make up make sure it’s run proof.

Anyhow, if that wasn’t lovely enough . . . it was a SIGNED copy and, if that wasn’t even more lovely enough . . . she urged me to turn to the dedication page.

Blimey Blooming Blimey, she’s only gone and given me a mention in the dedication!

Bumblebees’ Bottoms, Flickering Spew and Badgers’ Butts! Thank you Jo!

Folks, I honestly can’t tell you what it feels like to see your name on the dedication page of a book – especially a brilliant book like this.

The funny thing is, I’ve dedicated each of my books to someone – and frankly have always been a bit baffled and embarrassed even, by their enthusiastic, and sometimes emotional responses.

NOW I get it!


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