Hee Hee

Happy St Patrick’s Day!  I could write about Ireland today, but I’m not Irish and some of you are, so it might seem like trespassing.  However, if you want to know about St Patrick you might like ‘Stories of the Saints’, written by me and beautifully illustrated by Alida Massari.  Just so you know.

However, most of the Irish people I’ve met have been very good at making me laugh, and that touches on what I want to write about today.   I am eternally grateful to my son for introducing me to Terry Pratchett and Discworld, and I’m now re-reading Maskerade.  I quote from the blurb on the back –

‘The Opera House, Ankh-Morpork… a huge, rambling building, where innocent young sopranos are lured to their destiny by a strangely familiar evil mastermind in a hideously-deformed evening dress…

At least, he hopes so.  But Granny Weatherwax, Discworld’s most famous witch, is in the audience.  And she doesn’t hold with that sort of thing.’

And it’s not just Granny, there’s Nanny Ogg who keeps cash, cookery books and a bottle of scumble up her knicker leg.  The Librarian, who due to an accident with magic turned into an orang-utan, and stayed that way because he likes it.  Nobby Nobbs, who is human but has to carry a certificate to prove it.

When I was a kid my friend and I hurt ourselves laughing over the scene in The Magician’s Nephew where the animals try to plant Uncle Andrew.   Three Men in a Boat (Jerome K Jerome) still makes me laugh.

Sometimes you just need, and I mean need,  a book that will make you laugh out loud or at least giggle under the bedclothes.  Have a go-to funny book and go to it.  What’s your go-to funny book?







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