Proud to be a Pet Author!

Yes, I am officially a Pet Author! Pet Author of Chestnuts Primary School in North London to be precise.

Pet Author

So does that mean they feed me and hug me and have a doggy bed for me? Of course it doesn’t. (Er, then again, they do have nice biscuits for me every time I visit, the little guys in Infants tend to hug me a lot, and I DID wear my pyjamas for their World Book Day ‘Reading In Bed’ theme.)

Well, my ACTUAL title is Patron of Reading. It’s a scheme that started not so long ago, linking schools with authors. It means, as an author, you visit the school regularly and get to work with all the children there, and as a school, you get someone onboard who will hopefully inspire children to read more than they might already.

Petauthor poste

And did I say it’s fun? Oh, yes, it’s fun! Myself and Chestnuts’ school librarian Funny Bones, um, I mean Miss Efthymiou (pictured here, not in her normal clothes, obvz) get to think up fab things to do with the students, all centred around reading for pleasure.

Tanya& me

In fact, it’s so much fun, that we’ve already decided I’m going to stay as Pet Author of Chestnuts next year. *Wuff, wuff!!*

So spread the word about the Patron of Reading scheme. Wouldn’t it be lovely if there were more Pet Authors owned by schools?

Karen McCombie :c)

3 thoughts on “Proud to be a Pet Author!

  1. YES! FAB POST! I absolutely LOVE being a Patron of Reading – it’s a hoot! Lots of fun, lots of hugs and the chance to help lots of kids get into reading. So hey, what’s not to love!
    Plus you get the opportunity to spend time with the age group(s) you’re writing for – which is incredibly useful.
    I visit my school as often as I can on a Friday afternoon – and that has NOTHING AT ALL to do with the fact that there is a cake sale every Friday at end of school, honest
    *brushes cake crumbs from notebook*!
    Can’t urge writers enough to join this brilliant scheme.

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