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Shakespeare Week



I know it has only been two shakes of a lamb’s tail since it was Book Week and some of us have only just packed away our World Book day outfits but now is the time to brush up your Shakespeare because this week is Shakespeare Week!

2016 also marks 400 years since the death of William Shakespeare in 1616. Check out the Shakespeare400 website for events run by the BBC, the Globe and The British Library.


To celebrate this week I am at Windsor Castle running a session called ‘The Many Lives of Shakespeare at Windsor.’ I love running creative writing sessions, working with school groups to create writer’s notebooks. No learning objectives! No date! No targets to be achieved! Just words, words, words.  I am a history nerd and I have to stop myself from bursting with excitement every time I walk into the Drawings Gallery and look at one of the most important books in the world – The First Folio – the first collected edition of Shakespeare’s works.  Then I move on to look at a copy of the Second Folio. It belonged to Charles I and he has written the names of some of the characters from the plays on the contents page. Charles I probably saw Shakespeare perform in a play when he was a child. He has also written his motto Dum Spiro Spero, (While I breathe I hope) on the fly leaf. Later on when Charles was imprisoned and awaiting execution he had this book with him.  I hope the words of Shakespeare were a comfort.

I’d love to know what you are doing or would like to do for Shakespeare Week or Shakespeare400. Are you doing a project for an Arts Award? I’d love to know.

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