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The Biggest Book Show on Earth – Cavan Scott

Hurrah! I’m back on Girls Heart Books as a guest blogger. It’s been a while since I was here mainly because I was off deadline wrangling, including writing this:


Writing one of this year’s World Book Day, er, books was a big honour. Plus it was the first in a new Star Wars series. Star Wars! Wahoo! The nine-year old fan boy me has probably just dropped his Luke Skywalker lunchbox in shock!

As part of the celebrations, I took part in the final day of the Biggest Book Show on Earth in sunny Chipping Norton.

The format was this. A gaggle of writers and illustrators would gather to speak to around 600 school children. Here we are:


From left to right, that’s host Steven Butler, me, World Book Day boss Kirsten Grant, Steve Cole, David Roberts (the one with the beard), Julian Clary, M.G. Leonard (the one with the beetles) and Katherine Rundell.

Each of us would have 15 minutes to talk about their love of books and their writing. Along the way, we learnt secrets about each and every one.

I thought you might like to share some of them. Here we go:

  1. When he was a small boy, Steven Butler, author of The Wrong Pong and Diary of Dennis the Menace got so excited at his big sister’s birthday party that he pulled down his trousers and did a wee in front of everyone!
  2. Steve Cole, author of Young James Bond and Secret Agent Mummy, hated salad so much as a child that he used to pretend that it had been bitten by vampires so he didn’t have to eat it.
  3. M.G. Leonard, author of Beetle Boy, used to be freaked out about insects so wrote a book about them. This is how she found out that the Bombardier Beetle squirts acid out of its backside.
  4. Katherine Rundell, author of Rooftoppers and The Wolf Wilder, broke every one of her toes learning to walk the tightrope. All that pain paid off though – she can now walk it wearing high heels and pointe shoes!
  5. Julian Clary based the hyenas in The Bolds on a particularly hairy family that lived near him as a child in Teddington.
  6. When David Roberts was asked to draw the hyenas in The Bolds, he thought he’d better go and see them in the wild in Africa, but is scared of flying.

And what about me? Well, the most embarrassing dream I’ve ever had is that a giant crab burst up through the toilet to pinch my bum! Stop laughing!

In fact, the other thing we found out is that every talk in the day involved bums in one way or another!

It was a brilliant event, made better by finally meeting Jo Cotterill of Electrigirl and, of course, Girls Heart Books fame! Hurrah!

For more pictures of the day, then check out my website!



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