Three essentials for writers!

Hi everyone!

I hope you had a great World Book Day, and whole week of enjoying stories and reading! Let’s just carry that on all year – yaaaaay!

At a school I was visiting, I told the fab classes there my writerly secrets – the three things that, IMHO, are essential to being a writer. And I thought you’d like to hear them too! So, lean in, and I will tell all…

lightbulb GHB

  1. You need IDEAS!!!

These can come from anywhere and everywhere – things you remember, things you imagine, things around you that you can feel and taste and smell and see and hear (and you can get some great descriptive words into your story by using all your senses too!). We used objects as the starting point for  stories, giving them magical powers, and creating an enemy who was desperate to steal them away from the hero.

Pinnochio GHB

2. You need to be very, very VEEEEERY nosy!!!

It’s a great way to get ideas, and keeping curious about everything by listening, looking and asking ‘why, why, why’ will keep your writer senses tingling. You might overhear something on the bus that forms the basis or a brand new story, as I once did, so keep those ears waggling!!!


3. You need CHOCOLATE!!!

Every writer needs a reward when they have finished slaving over a hot chapter, or a cheer up choc fest when they hear they haven’t won that story comp or are super-stuck on a tricky plot point. A fridge full of chocolate is as vital to a writer as a pot full of pens!!!

So there you go! Fill that fridge, get earwigging into other people’s convos and don’t forget to write down your ideas when they come, they could be your next big story!

Love, Kellyx


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