World Book Day

Now that the dust is settling on another  World Book Day, I thought I’d share how mine went.

It’s often a bit of a crazy time for me – I’m usually booked solidly for the whole week around WBD and I get around quite a few schools. But the day itself is reserved for my Patron of Reading schools. I visit one in the morning and one in the afternoon and we announce the results of the Patron’s Cup Reading Challenge, which is where the children read as many books as they can in four weeks and we award the Patron’s Cup to the class who has read the most books. It’s always exciting and competitive. This year, I was amazed to discover the children read just under 11,000 books for the challenge!

Of course, the best thing about WBD is the costumes. I love spotting the familiar characters and guessing some of the less well-known ones. In the past I know children have hopped into school dressed as Harriet Houdini, my Stunt Bunny, but this is the first year I’ve seen Completely Cassidys. I dressed up for the first time too -you can see me and one of my fellow Cassidys in the photo below.

But it isn’t really about the costumes. It’s about sharing a love of books, showing everyone that reading really rocks. It’s about looking a little bit silly and not actually caring. For me, it’s about seeing the love I’ve always had for books spreading out like a warm washy wave, from readers, writers, teachers, librarians and parents.It’s such a lovely time to visit a school.

So I thought I’d ask: what did World Book Day 2016 mean to you? Did you dress up? Or were you too busy reading?

3 thoughts on “World Book Day

  1. I dressed up as a Cat Burglar – like the main character in my book. And in one school I went to, half the class were cat burglars too!!! This was my first World Book Day as a published author and I think it might be one of my best days of the year!!!! It was great to see so many children excited and inspired about books.

  2. Tamsyn – Absolutely love the idea of a Patron of Reading Challenge Cup – so much that I’m going to nick it (the idea – not the cup!). Highlights of WBD for me this year – improbably excited to see girls dressed up as NIXIE THE BAD BAD FAIRY and being really impressed by a fabulous teacher in Faringdon Junior School who’s children not only knew the name of the character they’d dressed up as – but the title of the book and the author! Huzzah!

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