Bravo for Alphabets!


60 years ago this month they invented the ‘NATO Phonetic Alphabet’.

Yes, you DO know what that is . . . It’s the one you’re meant to use when you’re spelling something out on the phone. It starts:

A – Alpha, B – Bravo, C – Charlie, D – Delta etc. etc.Phonetic Alphabet Poster

Which got me thinking about alternative alphabets . . . like:

The Cockney Alphabet, which starts:

A for Horses (as in hay for horses)

B for Mutton (that’s ‘beef or mutton’)

C for Miles (yes, you’ve guessed – ‘see for miles’) . . .

My favourite is

X for Breakfast (no, I’m not working that one out for you).


Meanwhile, I’m currently inventing:

The Contemporary Alphabet!

A is for Apple

apple logo

B is for Bluetooth

bluetooth logo

C is for Computer

cartoon computer

D is for Download

download icon

Neat, huh!

And I then thought I’d start my own ‘personal’ alphabet using some of my favourite things:

The Cas Lester Alphabet:

A is for avocado . . . no apple crumble, no wait . . . apricot Danish pastry.

B is for books, books, books.

C is for cake, no make that chocolate. Hang on, OK, got it, C is for chocolate cake.

D is for dogs – well, my dog mostly, but she’s called Bramble, so should that be:

B is for Bramble or

B is for Blimey, this is harder than I thought – I wish I’d called her Deefer!


Check out how good you are at the NATO Phonetic Alphabet with these quizzes:






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