Wishes and Magic!

wbd.pngWell there’s only one thing on my mind today – World Book Week! I’m really excited about this week (this isn’t an unusual state to find me in – see previous post). World Book Day is on Thursday, of course (and I’d better not write too much about it or the person who blogs on Thursday won’t be happy!) but recently people have been getting so enthused by it that it’s turned into a whole week of book celebrations.

On Thursday, I’ll be at a school in Ipswich talking about books and writing and doing some creative writing workshops. Everyone’s dressing up – it’s going to be great! I’m dressing up as Emily Sparkes’ mum, who, in Emily Sparkes and the Competition Calamity, decides there’s nothing better than getting muddy and growing carrots! This is me when I dressed like her last year.emily's mum I was a bit disappointed that nobody at school guessed who I was supposed to be – until I remembered that, even though it was written, the book hadn’t actually come out yet, so the only person who knew about Mum and the mud was me!

Today, I’m going to Norwich to a World Book Week event. There are going to be lots of great writers there including Holly Smale! Eek – must try not to get too fan-girly, although I do own a pair of official Geek Girl glasses which definitely need an outing. However, I’m most looking forward to seeing Liz Pichon. Obviously, because Tom Gates is brilliant and funny but also because she can do magic! Here’s the proof. In 2012 I took my children along to the Southbank Centre to see Liz doing an event, just after she had won the Roald Dahl Funny Prize.


My magic ticket!

At the time I was writing a book but I didn’t have an agent or a publisher. I really, really wished I could be a funny writer, just like Liz and while I was wishing she looked up at me from her book signing and gave me a big smile! Ok -now’s the part where we do that weird thing that they do in films, where the clock whizzes round and round and the pages fall off the calendar and now it’s… Four Years Later… and I have just found out that the book I was writing at the time has been shortlisted for the Laugh Out Loud Awards, the prize which replaced the award Liz won! That’s got to be magic, right? In fact, she should be called Liz the Wiz!


It’s a great fun shortlist, too – so if you like funny books, take a look http://shop.scholastic.co.uk/lollies – I have borrowed the whole list from the library and am reading them all (obviously, for serious writerly research purposes, and not at all because I like giggling a lot).

I hope you have a great Book Week, too and remember, if you ever get to meet Liz Pichon – make a wish!

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