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Words from the Woods



I haven’t been writing in my study, at my desk recently – I’ve been out in the woods, and it’s been a wonderful experience! I am preparing a project called Words from the Woods, for BBC Get Creative Day on April 2nd 2016.

The idea behind the day is to celebrate the creative things that are done quietly, everywhere, by everyday people like you and I – and to get more people involved. We are launching our new project that day, which asks people to take a walk in the woods and to collect ‘treasure’ from the forest floor – sticks, leaves, seeds – but to take along a notebook and collect *words*, too. The idea is to wander about, noting down the words that come into your head as you walk, and then to take the treasure and the words home to make art with them.


At Forest House Press, we will be running group sessions and classes during the year to build a collection of Words from the Woods which will be used for an exhibition next year. I shall also be running competitions and special events that I shall tell you about here later in the year – with one specially created for readers of this blog!

In the meantime, why not have a look at the Get Creative website, and see what is happening near you – and join in!


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