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World Book Day Disasters! – Emma Barnes

Not long now, and World Book Day 2016 will be here!  This year it’s on Thursday, 3rd March.

Like a lot of authors, I’m going to be busy.  I’ve got eight schools lined up to visit.  OK, so they are not all on the same day (that would surely be some kind of record) but over the first two weeks of March.  And I could have gone to even more, except I thought if I did I’d probably collapse halfway through.

What do I do in schools?  Mainly –

  • Talk about books and writing
  • Read aloud
  • Meet kids (and hear about their favourite books)
  • Lead workshops – that’s where I try and pass on some of my writing skills and think of interesting activities for the children to do

and sometimes

  • Make a fool of myself.

For example, here I am opening a lovely new primary school library.  But can you see where that arrow is pointing?


It’s not the best place, is it?  And I was hoping to look so good in the school newsletter.

I’m sure there will be few (hopefully minor) disasters in 2016 too.  Hopefully I won’t go to the wrong school on the wrong day (that’s not happened so far) or end up in a ASDA car park instead of the school (that one has) or driving round and round a town’s one way system while my Sat Nav shouts at me in Afrikaans (that one has too).  Or sitting in someone’s school dinner.  (Not saying.)  But if they do…well, it will add to the fun, won’t it?

And besides, I can always put it in a book.

—————————————————-camping——Find out more about Emma Barnes at her web-site

Emma’s latest book is Wild Thing Goes Camping, the third in her series about the Naughtiest Little Sister Ever!










2 thoughts on “World Book Day Disasters! – Emma Barnes

  1. I’ve gone to the wrong school! Who knew there were so many St Mary’s Primary Schools in one county? A bit of speedy driving got me to the right one JUST in time, but heart-a-clatter and all of a doo-dah.

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