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Totally in Luuuurve!

Hi girls (and lads!),

As it’s almost Valentine’s day, and if you’re single, I bet you’re thinking about that special guy or gal you have the embarrassingly massivo crush on! Are you going to send an anonymous card from a ‘secret admirer’ or throw in all your chips (not your actual chips – I don’t think throwing actual chips ever won someone’s heart!), I mean, like, put all your cards on the table (in this case including your Valentine’s card too!), by signing your name and declaring your luuuurve. Or, if not quite luuuuurve, extreme fancyingness, anyway.

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So… Being the kindly author that I am, I thought I would help you along. My brilliant idea for this was to give you a real proper LOVE SPELL! But then I thought, hang on, I am a big believer in free will and personal freedom, and giving you all love spells to run around with, enchanting your crushes into loved-up-ness for you here, there and at the bus stop, is kind of like NOT letting them have free will and personal freedom.

And then I thought… If I give you the love spell from my book Totally Lucy – Boy Band Blues (which I have just been re-reading for highly exciting reasons to do with a TV show which I will tell you more about soon!) then you can still have fun without actual, real magic. And if you do somehow get any amazing real magic results, you must report them to me in the comments section below this post, because seeing as I made the spell up, it could mean that I have MAGIC POWERS!! Which would be my DREAM COME TRUE!!

So, here it is! Enjoy, have fun trying it with your BFFs, take care with the candle and please do not choke on the fruit pastilles (okay, health and safety bit over now!). And have a happy Valentine’s day, whether you keep your luuuurve anonymous or shout it from the rooftops!

TotallyLucy lovespell

7 thoughts on “Totally in Luuuurve!

    • There will be a run on green fruit pastilles if you did! BTW Holly would tell me off if I didn’t take this chance to say please please pleeeease write another Wild Thing book soon!!

  1. Loved this post- it made me giggle a lot! I don’t know whether it works if you have no idea who the ‘young man of your dreams’ is?? But might give it a try! 😉

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