Being a Girl

I sometimes feel a bit sorry for boys. Think about it – their clothes options are a bit boring, they don’t get to play with their hairstyle much and they don’t get to paint their nails. There’s no reason why they can’t wear what they want, have big hair or bright purple nails, of course, but they generally stick to the tried and trusted. That’s because people have certain expectations of boys and how they should look. They have ideas how how girls should look too (I don’t especially like either expectation – people should be allowed to be whoever they want to be) but that’s a post for another day…

Most of the time I’m happy I was born a girl. I like gorgeous floaty dresses (or wearing trousers when I want to) and pretty hair clips and painting my nails. There’s a LOT more to being a girl than that, of course, and not every girl likes those things but for me, these are the perks of my gender. And one of the little things I enjoy most is getting my nails done to match my latest book.*

These ones match a book I’ve written for adults but in the past, I’ve had nail art with bunnies on (for Stunt Bunny), naughty chocolatte Labradors (Rolo from the Completely Cassidy books) and most recently purple feathers, from the cover of Completely Cassidy: Drama Queen.

And it got me thinking about all the great things that are easier for me because I’m a girl. So I thought I would make this a celebration of everything that’s good about being a girl. Fun or serious, what do you like about about being who you are?

*I have never seen a male author paint their nails to match their book cover, for instance. Maybe they should!

3 thoughts on “Being a Girl

  1. Absolutely agree with you! I love the freedom of being allowed to be a ‘tomboy’ when I feel like it – or ‘glamming’ up if I’m in that kind of a mood. Girls – we get the best of both worlds – and, let’s face it, we’re deadlier than the male!
    Gorjuss nails btw Tamsyn!

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