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What’s new? Me!

Hi, everyone, I’m Valerie Wilding, known to all as Val. And this is my first ever blog. Not just my first for GHB – it’s my first ever, anywhere. Scary!

But all new experiences bring good things, and I’m sure that getting to know GHB will bring me fun, shared interests and friendship.

So, as I’m new to you, I thought I’d share something that’s new to me. I haven’t had a dog for years and years, but my granddaughter, Elsie, has always longed for one and, at last, here she is.Elsie_IndieShe’s a German Shepherd, and she’s now nearly three months old. There were a lot of family discussions (arguments!) over what name to give her. Then one day I took Elsie to meet my good friend Julie Sykes and her beautiful German Shepherd dog, Indy. You can see her picture on Julie’s website. Elsie fell totally in love with Indy and from then on, there was no question – that’s what she was going to call her puppy. So we now have our own Indie, with slightly different spelling and with the hope that she’ll grow up to be as gentle and ladylike as her namesake. Judging by the tooth marks in my shoes, I doubt it!


Like most writers, I’ve always found that with something new in my life, new ideas come, so I do tend to watch Indie with my writing head on. She’s already brought muddy footprints and puddles into my life– I wonder what new story ideas she’ll bring.

Have you ever had any pet ideas?

8 thoughts on “What’s new? Me!

  1. Welcome to GHB, Val.

    I’m sure Indie will live up to her namesake. Big Indy ate her way through many things as a puppy including a wall and several doors 😉 I hope Indie and Elsie have fun together.

  2. Aw! She looks gorgeous, Val! You’re so right, there’s nothing like a new pet for sparking off the ideas. Get that notebook out and get writing. And welcome to the world of blogging!

    • Thanks, Linda. It’s great to be here. It’s great, too, to have a puppy messing up the place again. Sooo much mess! And yes, there’ll soon be new ideas in the notebook – if Indie doesn’t eat it first!

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