My Favourite Fictional Teachers

School seems a long time ago now, but I still remember my teachers so clearly. I had some fantastic teachers, and some really awful ones. Now, I’m a teacher myself (or rather, a tutor – I don’t work in a school), and I’m seeing the job from a completely different side.

When I was a student, I compared my teachers to the ones I read about in books. Now I’m a tutor, I do the same thing – except this time, I look at those fictional teachers, and see what things about them I could steal for myself.


Susan Sto Helit


Not only is she literally the granddaughter of Death himself, Susan Sto Helit from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series is a formidable teacher. Her supernatural abilities mean that she can take her class travelling through time and space; instead of reading about far-off lands and ancient battles, Susan’s class get to witness them first-hand.


Mr Majeika


Of course, Susan isn’t the only teacher to take this approach to lessons. The Mr Majeika books have the title character working endless spells to make learning much more interesting – and putting the class bully in his place while he’s about it.


Professor McGonagall 


Okay, so maybe I just have a bit of a fixation on magical teachers. But, come on – strict as she is, Harry Potter‘s Professor McGonagall would be the best teacher ever. I’d put up with any amount of strictness if it meant I could learn how to turn a mouse into a teacup. (And back again, I hope).


Who are your favourite fictional teachers?

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