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A Very Special Day

I’m passionate about many things. At the moment I’m learning Spanish and I’m very passionate about that. I’ve been driving everyone mad practising essential sentences on them such as, ‘yo no es un oso’. (I’m not a bear).

But my life long passion is books. My parents read to me even before I was big enough to sit up. I was hooked. Once I learned to read there was no stopping me. I consumed books and still do. Books are like treasure chests. They’re jammed packed with riches. New friends, exotic places, solutions to problems, fuel for the imagination and the soul.


My parents would have struggled to keep up with my reading habit had it not been for our WONDERFUL local library. NEW HAW LIBRARY in Surrey.

I can remember it as if I was there only yesterday. It was a newish building built on the corner of The Broadway. It had three rooms. A huge one with a reception desk and adult books, and two smaller side rooms for reference and children’s books. A whole room full of children’s books. Imagine that! Just remembering  brings me out in goosebumps. So many books. So much fun waiting to be had. And all for free.


Yes, that was meant to sound shouty.


Here in the UK we LOVE our libraries. Last year we visited them an amazing 265 million times! But, libraries aren’t getting the funding they need. Libraries are VULNERABLE. Support them by going along to a library this Saturday. There’ll be lots of great activities to take part in. Check out what’s happening at your nearest library here on the National Libraries Day website.

I’ll be at Fleet Library in Hampshire. Maybe I’ll see some of you there?

National Libraries Day, Saturday 6 February 2016.

Which library is your favourite? Want to give them a shout out here?




8 thoughts on “A Very Special Day

  1. Julie, you were amazing at Fleet Library today! It was lovely sharing National Libraries Day with you. Thank you so much for joining us, Sally

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