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The Hatching of a Rare New Book – Ellen Renner

More of Me2.jpg

To be read-inside-your-head in a hushed, David Attenborough-ish voice:

We’re here tonight to observe the birth of an extraordinary and rare creature: the truly original book. (Pauses for emphasis.) We have been stalking this creature’s mother for years, knowing she was heavily pregnant with story. But the gestation period experienced by Author Originalis is wildly variable, given the harsh conditions of its habitat. Patience was necessary but our observations had indicated that this particular mother is a pretty tough cookie! And all indications are that this rare and beautiful egg will hatch tomorrow, Monday, first of February 2016! It’s party-time folks!

Okay, okay, that last bit was me. But it really is party-time and I’m off to a book launch tomorrow. No ordinary book launch, but the much-talked-about party to celebrate the birth of Kathy Evans’ first book, More of Me.

I’m one of Kathy’s (aka the lovely Mrs Bung) crit group buddies. We’ve been friends for years and I had the privilege, along with the other members of our writing family, to read and comment on the first attempts at More of Me. I really did watch it being born and I knew, the first time I read that long-ago excerpt, that this book and this writer are rare and special creatures.

Originality is hard to define, even harder to achieve. It means being brave, nourishing the bits of you that are unique, and then putting them out there. That’s what takes courage: most of us want to be like someone else, not ourselves. Kathy is brave. She has to be, because all her ideas are amazing, off-the-wall and challenging to write. It’s been such a joy watching this book get born. And tomorrow . . . we party!

So watch this egg folks: it’s-a-hatching!

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