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GHB blogger Frances Hardinge wins the Costa Book of the Year!

the_lie_treeWe are utterly thrilled here at GHB towers that one of our very own bloggers, Frances Hardinge, was announced as the winner of the Costa Book of the Year award earlier this week!

The Costa awards are really big news in the book world, and they have five categories, of which ‘children’s’ is one. Frances, against really stiff competition, won that category with her amazing novel THE LIE TREE – and THEN, to everyone’s amazement, she won the overall prize, beating all the winners from the other ‘grown-up’ categories!

We know our GHB readers know how important and brilliant children’s books are – but a lot of adults think that children’s books are ‘just’ for children and that they’re somehow less good than books for adults. So the Costa announcement is HUGE news for children’s book writers everywhere, and we are SO THRILLED for Frances, we are dancing around our houses right now.

Congratulations, Frances! And to everyone who hasn’t yet read one of her books – you’re in for a treat!

If you want to read Frances’s posts on GHB, then follow this link to find all 36!!

8 thoughts on “GHB blogger Frances Hardinge wins the Costa Book of the Year!

  1. Wonderful news. Such a spectacular book. Bought it because Lucy Strange was talking about it and it sounded fascinating, then had it stolen off me by both my son and my daughter. We all loved it. Yay, Frances. A thousand congratulations.

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