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What is your Spirit Animal?

When I started researching the Aztecs for my children’s book The Scarlet Files: Cat Burglar, I discovered they believed in Nahuallis. Nahualli is an Aztec word meaning ‘shadow soul.’ It is your animal twin, your spiritual double. Born at the same time, you share each other’s souls.

Often you and your Nahualli have common characteristics. If you are brave and courageous, it might be a jaguar.


If you like performing on stage and are very creative, it might be a scarlet macaw.

Scarlet macaw spirit

There are many ways you can work out what your Nahualli is. Your spirit animal doesn’t have to come from Mexico. It can be from anywhere in the world.

Is there an animal you are naturally drawn to? It might be a favourite or one that you think about often. When you go to a safari park, farm or zoo, is there an animal you feel a closeness towards? Do you see the same animal in your dreams or in the clouds? If you close your eyes, does a certain animal come straight into your head?


If nothing comes to mind, you can always try my quiz. (The animals I’ve chosen are all from Mexico). But please be aware, the quiz is something I made up for fun. I’m a writer – that’s what I do. NAHUALLI QUIZ

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