Books … and cake!

The daughter of a friend of mine turned 21 this week. My friend is a librarian (I’m Patron of Reading at the school this year), and see if you can guess how her profession has influenced her daughter:


For a start, what a cake! Also … books and cake! As I have often said, the perfect combination.

Lots of my favourites are here: Jane Eyre, Harry Potter, The Fault in Our Stars, Matilda, Owl Babies … Are yours?

Penguin Classics do THE BEST covers. (I’m not sure what the other publishers would think about this artistic licence, and hope they don’t mind. After all, it is A CAKE.)

But my favourite thing of all – and this is what I really love – is that Imogen is a true reader. She doesn’t need to show off; she doesn’t need to dumb down. She’s discovered Charlotte Bronte, Hardy and Victor Hugo, and of course there is Harry, but she still holds The Magic Faraway Tree close to her heart. And Owl Babies! I read it with both my sons. One of the cutest stories ever. The little owls wait on their moonlit branch, trying to be brave. Will Mummy Owl ever return? (Reader, she does.)

Happy Birthday Imogen. What lovely memories you must have. How lucky you are that one of your mother’s workmates is a kick-ass cake maker. And that your mum is a wizard with books.

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