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Beat your worry beast. . .

Okay, so who WORRIES? I’ve got both my hands in the air now – and my feet. Yep, me – I’ve been a worrier ever since I was a child.

That’s why I wrote a novel about worry called Worry Magic.worry magic cover

Worry can be a BEAST – it can really chew you up. Alright, occasionally worrying can help you come up with a solution to a problem. But more often, you go over and over and over things in your head – round and round and round – and get nowhere except UPSET.

My main character in Worry Magic is an 11 year old girl called Courtney, who gets herself in a right pickle by worrying non-stop about everything – her parents arguing, her friend going off with someone else, her grandma being poorly, her pets, their messy house, you name it…

And like lots of worriers, she believes in the POWER of worrying – like, worrying about something will somehow make it less likely to happen (which would be GREAT if it worked…but it doesn’t.)

If you’re like Courtney, you’re not alone – everyone worries sometimes. When I visit schools, children come up to me and whisper: ‘that’s me – I’m like that! I’m a gigantic worrier.’

Beach worrying

Which is why I wanted to share with you some Beat Your Worry Beast top tips – gathered up from people and children along the way. Hope they might help you or someone you know.

1. A problem shared. Tell your worry to a trusted friend or adult. It can often feel like a big relief just to say it out loud.

2. Don’t feed your worry beast all day long. Save your worrying for one slot a day: Courtney gives herself a ‘worry half-hour’. Time yourself, get all your worrying done, and then STOP. Distract yourself with something fun.

3. Laugh out loud – watch something funny when your worrying has a hold of you. It’s hard to worry when you’re laughing.

Recommended reading – Nicola Morgan’s book: ‘Teenage guide to stress’

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