A reading plan for a happy new year!

OK, so I’m guessing you love reading – or you wouldn’t be reading this blog.

I’m also guessing you like presents.

So I’m also guessing some of your favourite presents this year were books. Yes?

Now, when you get book as a present it’s always pretty obvious from the shape what it is. But that doesn’t stop you wanting to rip the paper off to find out which book it is, does it? Of course, there is always the danger that sometimes someone (who obviously doesn’t know you very well) has given you a book you really, really, really wouldn’t want to read in a million years of rainy days. . . At which point, frankly, it’s hard to hide your disappointment.

But hopefully, in that event, you’ll have a few well-loved books on your shelves you can turn to. Books you know you would really, really, really love to read again.

Now, I have loads of books I want to read again. But the problem is they sit there quietly on the shelves and I forget about them.

So I have a cunning plan . . .

book presents 1

I’m going to take twelve of my favourite books, wrap them up in brightly coloured paper and put them back on the shelves.

Then once a month I’m going to pick one at random, unwrap it, and give myself the gift of re-reading a book I KNOW I’m going to love!

Seems like a good plan for a Happy New Year!

BTW my new book comes out this month!

Wilfred the Unwise cover

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