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Fire Inside

When I go into schools and talk about my RED MOON RISING series, I ask kids which tribe they would belong to if they had a choice. Would it be the Mists with their power over water? Would it be the Greytails with their ability to command animals? Do the Thorns with their power over plants sound like a good tribe? Or would they choose Kestrels who whip up storms whenever they want to? I take a vote and usually a majority choosing the Blaze tribe who have power over fire.

I’m not surprised. Fire is powerful and mesmerising. Anyway who’s stood by a bonfire and watched the flames dance and felt the heat knows that. Imagine having that fire inside you. Imagine if you could make it spring from the palm of your hand without burning you. Imagine if you could use that fire to fight your enemies.

This was the inspiration behind PALE PEAK BURNING. The third and final book in the series. Here’s the cover, beautifully illustrated by Lisa Evans.

Every fantasy writer since before Tolkien has used their imaginary landscape like a prism to reflect on issues in the world around us. That’s nothing new. Writing these books I thought a lot about tribalism – our need to belong – and the prejudice against those people who don’t fit in anywhere at all.

The book comes out in May. I can’t wait.

Pale Peak Burning front

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