The new page

New Year is approaching, and as a Scot it’s almost bigger than Christmas. I don’t know what it is about us Celts, but we get all sentimental at New Year. It seems to be deeply ingrained, the significance of a new beginning.

Do you love the ‘new page’? The chance to start fresh with a new project, a new place to live, a new book to write? I love a positive change, an opportunity. However plenty of people are not thrilled by new beginnings.

When we moved house a few years ago, one of my sons was not at all happy about leaving the home he’d lived in all of his life. It didn’t help that his new bedroom had a wall entirely covered in pink flowery wallpaper. We ended up ripping it all off late into the night as I tried to reassure him he’d soon get used to the new house.

I suppose we have to remember in life that change may seem exciting when we are the ones who initiate it, but it’s not always as much fun for those who have to go along with the changes. I was very struck by the film ‘Boyhood’ because it shows how much children depend on their parents or guardians who create the worlds they live in.

Only when they become young adults can they really start to make their own life and live it as they want to. I found ‘Boyhood’ deeply moving, especially the scene at the end when the boy’s mother Patricia Arquette has to accept that he has grown up and that’s it, her job is done.

We do our best as parents, and then when they are about to fly the nest we look back on the world we have created for them and we have to hope that it has been good enough, and just as we are wondering if we could have done things differently, and quietly wishing we could do it all over again, we have to let them go.

In the Scottish way, I’m in danger of getting sentimental here. Let’s blame it on the time of year. I hope that I’ve learnt in life that as time can’t stand still then change is inevitable – so it is how we react to it that is important.

If you have to face up to a change, remember that every new beginning is a new page, and an opportunity to take up your pen and make it a good one.

All the very best for 2016!


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