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If you could time travel…

Sitting at the dinner table last night, my daughter asked, ‘If you could use a time travel machine just once, what would you do?’

Time travel machine

We fell into silence. I have to admit I marvelled at such a wonderful question. In between slurps of spaghetti bolognese, we each pondered the possibilities.images


My son spoke first. ‘I’d travel to the future and become a Jedi Knight.’ I have to admit, it didn’t even occur to me that the machine could go forwards, but of course it could. ‘Jedi Knights are awesome,’ he announced, and we had to agree with him.


GIrl on a dinosaur

‘I’d go back in time and be the only human to ride a dinosaur,’ said my daughter.

‘But what if you get eaten?’ I asked.

She threw me a look of disgust. ‘I’m going to ride a Diplodocus not a T-Rex!’

(I apologise – I couldn’t find a picture of a girl riding a Diplodocus. However, this picture does illustrate my daughter’s character rather well.)

My husband went next. He’d obviously really thought about it (not saying that my children hadn’t) but he was very time specific. ‘I’d go back to 12.20, November 22nd, 1963. In Dallas Texas.’ Then he looked around expectantly, as if we were all going to nod and say – what a good idea. Do you know what’s specific about that time and place? I didn’t until he explained that it is ten minutes before President Kennedy was assassinated.

imagesSo that left me. I thought about all the noble things I could do. Go back in time and possibly stop the rise of Hitler. Warn people about impending hurricanes. I also thought of rather greedy things like going back in time with the winning lottery numbers so I could be a millionaire. Then I decided  – and my answer is rather naughty. I would go back to 1989 and write a series of books about a boy who turns out to be a  wizard…

So if you could time travel, what would you do? The possibilities are endless.

10 thoughts on “If you could time travel…

  1. Hmmm… tantalizing question. If we have the machine to return after we play, I’d love to visit the Roaring 20’s. The era of the Great Gatsby! Then come back before the crash of 1929 and depression.

  2. OH my. This is just so relevant to me right now – I am reading “Playing Beatie Bow” by Ruth Park. It’s a fabulous book which I haven’t finished but it does concern time travel in a way and I thoroughly recommend it for either adult or an older child read…around the fourteen sort of age.

    I wonder where I would go. Or rather when I would go? I would love to see the Regency era I think and see all the cottage industries at their finest!

    But I would also love to go far back enough and find out if all the myths and legends and magic and runes and spells were real. I want fairies to be real. It’s as simple as that!

      • Yes, well, so do I but there would be nothing like seeing it for yourself. I think I would also prevent magic from dying out. And definitely, definitely go back to ancient Egypt, Sumeria, meet some Phoenicians and Romans, meet Jane Austen, Tolkein, OMG Shakespeare! Though I admit I’d not be abe to say a word to him, my Shakespearean tongue doth suffer greatly from a sincere lack of knowledge!

  3. Really great question I will pose to my kids tomorrow. I can’t really answer it because well don’t want to get racially deep and that’s what I’m thinking which would be a great time that would not be harrowed with the history of the US or destruction of black folks. I guess I wouldn’t mind going back to the days like the Roman Empire and Julius Ceasar or days of King Solomon and maybe Queen of Sheba, but then the treatment of women comes into play. Oh I guess I have to be like your son and move forward, the future has to be much brighter for women and people of color. Love the post !

    • So glad you like the post. And your comment really got me thinking. It is tragic that there’s barely a moment in history where someone isn’t being hurt or oppressed because of race, gender or religion. Like you, I hope the future brings a world of tolerance, appreciation and love to everyone.

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