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The best presents are book-shaped

I am always excited when my Christmas presents are heavy rectangles – because that means BOOKS!  This year, I gave and received book-shaped presents. I love the way that books are not just lovely presents to unwrap on Christmas Day – but you also have the excitement of discovering the things inside the book as you read it, and that’s like another gift!


I like craft books best of all, because they give me something to think about and I like deciding what to make. I do lots of felting, and recently have started making silk paper. This Christmas, I got some books from my husband which will give me lots of fun as I experiment with new silk paper made with leaves, flowers and petals.


silk paper2

I got a lovely book about gardens from my sister, too, and some very funny books. I like knowing that I have a pile of books waiting to be read, and Christmas helps to make the pile bigger.

Did you get any books as presents this Christmas?





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