Ooh & Ooh La La!

Something that always makes we authors go “Ooh!” is when our books drift off to have adventures in new worlds… Yes, I’m talking about when they’re translated and published in other countries.

Over the years, my various novels have gone on sale in Japan, Russia, Brazil and the Czech Republic, just to name four countries out of the many who’ve been lovely enough to welcome them!

My latest translation is ghost story ‘The Girl Who Wasn’t There‘, which has just come out in France (ooh la la!) as ‘Celle Qu’on Ne Voyait Pas‘.


Auralie, the clever person who translated the novel into French, posted some reviews for it on her own blog-site. I took a peek and instantly cursed my feeble brain for remembering only about two and a half words of French from my schooldays. Luckily, I have a friend who can speak fluent French and could tell me that the reviews were fantastique! Phew… (Wonder what the French for ‘phew’ is?)

Anyway,  if any of you fancy practising your French skills, you can see Auralie’s site here. By the way, if my friend was lying to make me feel better, and the reviews are actually pants (wonder what the French for ‘pants’ is?), then PLEASE don’t tell me.

OK, I’ll leave you to get festive, with a sparkly pic of the three books of mine that came out in 2015. Don’t they look nice with a twinkly decoration or two? (Please don’t tell my other books or they’ll get jealous and want glittered too.)

XMAS 3:hips

Hope you all have a lovely, lazy time in the next couple of weeks or so, and see you on the other side of the holidays!

Karen McCombie :c)


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