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Tiny Good News

This is a time when there’s lots of looking back over the year that’s just coming to an end.  So I wanted to share with you one tiny piece of of good news that has happened in 2015, that makes me smile.

It’s this little guy/girl –


A camera-shy baby tortoise

(Credit: James Gibbs – Discover Magazine website)

S/he’s one of the first baby tortoises to be sighted on the Galapagos island of Pinzon IN MORE THAN 100 YEARS!  Rats from ships that stopped off at the island in the 18th century had made it impossible for eggs and baby tortoises to survive.  Now, that has begun to change.  All rats have been removed from the island and baby tortoises, born and bred in the wild, have been spotted, trundling about safely.  A conservation success story!

Happy Birthday, Tiny Tortoises!  2015 has been a good year for you!


(photo courtesy of Galapagos conservancy website)

And now it’s your turn – share something good that this year has brought.  What’s your tiny – or not so tiny! – good news?


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