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Showtime Part 2


Loughton Operatic Society presents SHOWTUNE! (Photo by Danny Hanson)

Some of you might remember that this time last month, it was Band Call for the show I was in, SHOWTUNE? Well, it happened. Five whistlestop performances and it was all over. We sang, we danced, we acted our socks off but most of all, we had fun.


Dressing Room Selfie!

We won’t talk about the night where several of us missed Curtain Up because the timing of the Beginners on Stage call was slightly off so we were still chatting in the dressing room (I slid on stage with barely half a second to spare – eek!) Or the dance routine that left one cast member trying to form a circle all on their own. And best not to mention the soloist who got their letters mixed up and sang about the Thong on the Sand instead of the Song on the Sand (totally true story). Let’s bask in the glory of a happy audience and a job well done.


Backing singers for ‘The Man in the Moon’…we were supposed to look silly, although it was actually one of my favourite numbers. (Photo by Danny Hanson)

The first thing anyone wants to know once Show Week is out of the way is whether you’re doing the next show. Quite often, people want to know even before show week is over. And I always wonder whether I’ll have time for all the rehearsals but deep down, I know I’ll make the time. Because I love performing. It’s very different to writing, which I tend to do alone and hidden away, but there’s something irresistible about joining thirty or so other people on a stage and singing and dancing your heart out. The next production is called The Matchgirls and it’s about the women who risked everything to challenge their unfair working conditions in Victorian London. It sounds like a fabulous show to be part of – how could I say no?

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