My Christmas Story

Everyone has a story that makes their Christmas, whether it’s the Nativity, A Christmas Carol, or something completely different. Mine is Raymond Briggs’ The Snowman.


My parents bought me a copy of The Snowman when I was born – being an almost-Christmas baby, it made sense – and I soon fell in love with the gorgeous illustrations, and the fact that a story could be told without any words at all. Watching the film, a perfect adaptation with one of the most recognisable musical scores, has become a Christmas Eve tradition of mine – and I still get weepy at the end.

Although I’m a writer at heart, The Snowman was one of the stories that made me appreciate illustration too. Everything is shown, not told – a difficult feat when it comes to capturing emotion, but throughout the story, you can easily tell what each of the characters are thinking.

The Snowman is what sums up Christmas for me – snowy scenes, magical nights, surprises that you’ll remember forever, and most of all, spending time with the people (or snowmen) you love.

What’s your Christmas story?

3 thoughts on “My Christmas Story

  1. I am really, really embarrassed to admit this but…I have neither read nor seen the Snowman! It’s not deliberate (I am a fan of Raymond Briggs) so I’m not sure what’s gone wrong. Something to put right this Christmas.

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