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Back to School

On Friday I went back to my old secondary school, to give an ‘inspirational talk’, and to present prizes on their Day of Excellence.

It was a wonderful day, and I really enjoyed being surrounded by such interesting, confident girls. It was fun to present prizes for things like academic achievement, social enterprise, and ultimate frisbee (!) It was great to pay tribute to Daisy, the wonderful, formidable principal, who sadly died some years ago.

I found myself thinking about the day I left, on the last day of my final state exams. On that day, I had no clear idea where my life was going, and I was somewhat intimidated at the thought of a future that wasn’t organised by timetables and teachers.

I wish I could go back in time, so I could talk to the 17-year-old me. I wish I could tell her that things were going to turn out fine – so fine that one day I’d be invited back to speak to the girls about my career in writing.

You never know how life is going to turn out!

One thought on “Back to School

  1. I fervently wish the same thing! Just a ten minute chat. My old school does not exist anymore, but we are having a reunion next year and I’m going to meet my old English teacher and form teacher. I am looking forward to thanking her for encouraging me all those years ago.

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