Christmas Crafting

I am starting to think about the Christmas gifts I am going to make for friends and family. I know it’s only November still, but it pays to think ahead! When we were girls, my sister and I used to make all of our presents. We often made sweets like truffles and peppermint creams.

This year, I’m spending lots of times making Christmas tree faeries like this:

Faerie Queen front cropped.jpg

…and Yule faeries like this:


…and this:


I am even making Frost faeries!

yule4 frost.jpg

Can you tell I am writing a book about making felted faeries and their homes? They are taking over the house…but you can keep up to date with that project at Faerierealms.

A few years ago, I wrote a craft book for children. It gives lots of ideas for seasonal things to make and do.



One of my favourite activities is the Snow Queen crown – modelled here by my daughter when she was tiny.

nora frost

You could make one, from a strip of card, and icicles made from foil and tinsel. Great to wear if you are singing some rather frosty songs to entertain your family 🙂

Decorations are fun to make, too. I remember making these lanterns when I was a girl. You can even make them and pop sweets inside for the Christmas dinner table – a lovely present for you to make for everyone.



So, tell me – what are you making for Christmas this year?



3 thoughts on “Christmas Crafting

  1. Love your fairies! Funnily enough, I’ll be making some fairy doors out of lolly sticks . . . and knitting a pair of blue and white woolly socks for Son 3 (his choice). And we’ll all make paper snowflakes to hang from the beams. . .

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