Hunt the Happiness!

Lately, I’ve been dishing out some advice to my daughter; when stuff gets you down, always hunt out the happiness. So yes, she needs to offload about stuff that’s bugging her at school (idiot students, too much homework, etc ) – but hey, let’s try and think of the wee glimmers of good stuff, I suggest. The friend who made you laugh. The teacher who was especially nice. The lunchtime club that was a lot of fun. The dumb thing Mum found and stuck on your Facebook page (illustrated below)


Then this week I realised I needed to listen to my own advice and hunt the happiness too. I was getting myself in a head tangle, working long, long hours on a rewrite for a new book. I felt like I couldn’t waste a second noseying at social media… till I realised spending five minutes here and there reading what my friends and family were posting cheered me up. Peeking at some of the cute/silly stuff online me smile/laugh till snot came out of my nose. And that made me HAPPY, and ready to carry on with work again in a better mood. Even going out one morning with my laptop and working in a new, bonkers cafe (it’s decorated throughout like an old lady’s house) made me feel brand new.

The 'bathroom' seating area at loopy-but-cute cafe Edith's House.

The ‘bathroom’ seating area at loopy-but-cute cafe Edith’s House.

And of course, this weekend’s news of the horrible dramas in Paris cast a big old storm cloud – till me and my daughter started to hunt for the happiness. How wonderful were the taxi drivers of the city, switching off their meters so they could ferry people home for free? How amazing was it to see queues of Parisians ignoring advice to stay at home because they wanted to donate blood? And in the same weekend, here at home in the UK, how brilliant is it to think that Children In Need beat all records and raised more than £37 million? The happy truth behind the horror is that the vast, huge, ginormous majority of humans are really OK. More than OK, in fact!

Image by artist Jean Juillien

Image by artist Jean Juillien

So whenever you’re blue, whether it’s about big stuff or small, remember there’s ALWAYS a bit of happiness peeking out from behind the blue-ness and waving it you, if you just take the time to look…

Karen McCombie :c)

Pic: mwf.motovation.com

Pic: mwf.motovation.com

6 thoughts on “Hunt the Happiness!

  1. Brilliant post. The dog pic made me laugh, the cafe loo area pic made my jaw literally drop and well done on looking for the positive with your daughter, even when events are tragic like Paris. I so agree, the majority of humans are wonderful and we need to stay hopeful in worrying times.

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