Oh dear…

I’m very very sorry. Today was my turn to blog on GHB and …well… I forgot. I’m cringing with embarrassment, here. My very feeble excuse is this: I’ve been On Tour with The Snow Sister these past two weeks, having got back from Edinburgh just last night on a very delayed train. Before that, as covered by my previous post, I’d been editing Strange Star. Today I have to tackle the second round of these edits. They need to be done by Monday so I can go On Tour again, this time to Essex and London.
I’m sure you lovely folks at GHB are thinking ‘aww, poor Emma. She’s too old for all this!’ But please don’t feel sorry for me. I LOVE what I do.
I’m just very VERY tired today. Think eyes propped open by matchsticks. Head filled with cotton wool. Yup. That’s me. Massive apologies.
Final word: If you do one thing today spare a thought for the people of Paris. It’s a brave and beautiful city, and always will be. x

5 thoughts on “Oh dear…

  1. Passing on a nice cup of Hot Choc to you Emma. 🙂 I can’t WAIT to read The Snow Sister and Strange Star.

    I’ve been passing love to Paris in my thoughts and the birds that live in my 2 trees. They might fly over there and pass love around. xx

  2. It’s a hard life, Emma, and I know you sometimes have to travel in the luggage rack! I hope you save some of the cotton wool in your head to make a lovely Christmas scene…when you have time.

  3. One time I was due to post I woke at 1am remembering it was my day, so I wrote the blog post in my head. Then I woke at 3am, and realised I’d not posted it, but just sort of dreamed that I’d posted it. So I wrote it in my head again. You get the idea. I did this several more times before properly getting up at about 5.30am and writing it. That was a very strange night!!!

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