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Books for a Winter Night…by Emma Barnes

Winter is drawing in…making it the perfect time for curling up with a book in front of an open fire.

(Actually I don’t have an open fire. Or even a fake electric one. I have an empty fireplace with a plant in it. But who cares? I can pretend.)

What are the ingredients of a perfect winter read?

For me I especially love:



(maybe with a sprinkling of magic)images-1


Deep ones. Preferably full of snow and wolves!images-4


51-35j6Y6-L._SX368_BO1,204,203,200_I’ve tried to put all these things into my book Wolfie: a magical Big Bad Wolf, snowy woods…and also an ordinary girl, Lucie, who falls into an adventure.  Here is one of the illustrations by Emma Chichester Clark.9781905537273-2

There’s one more thing of course…Christmas! Here is one of my favourite Christmas reads.


What are your recommendations for those long winter nights?

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