Dog Did It…

I love following different pets on social media and hearing about their lives – but I think my favourite has to be Esther the Wonder Pig.

My golden retriever, Bella Wainwright, is on Facebook and Twitter @PuppyGirlBella. She has far more social media friends than me or my husband (1,000s!) and does quite a lot of complaining about the humans that she lives with on it.

bellajumping in the lake_oEric writes down her thoughts for her and some recent examples are:

‘Mum washed lots of my toys yesterday and I’m still not happy about it :-(’

‘Next door threw tennis ball to the wrong house – didn’t realize it was from our side of the fence. Isn’t Golden Retriever + tennis ball obvious?’

‘Don’t understand why dropping a tennis ball down the toilet means it must be thrown away :-(’

Bella’s favourite thing to do is have a walk and swim by the river close to where we live
but she’s had a poorly leg this week and the vet’s put her on anti-inflammatory pills and short lead walks 😦

But tomorrow she’s coming with me to visit St Stephen’s school in Canterbury – yay St Stephen’s! 🙂

So she’s having a big nap on the bed now to make sure she’s got lots of energy.

Is your pet on Facebook or Twitter?


The Runaways poster


PS If you’re still waiting for your copy of ‘Snowball’ the publisher says they should be with you very soon and are very sorry for the delay.Snowbal cover


Megan’s website is: http://meganrix.com and Ruth’s is http://ruthsymes.com

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