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A Week Without Words

Hi everyone! I hope your fireworks weekend had gone with a bang, ha ha!

A week without words… No, I don’t mean that I’m going on a silent meditation retreat (can you imagine?!). What I mean is that on Thursday I finished the first draft of my new YA trilogy – yay! The last week of working on the book involved reading back through the whole text on screen and making some more edits, then printing it all out (a gorgeous moment, especially as I don’t print anything before the penultimate draft) – my printer warms up the pages so it literally feels hot off the press! Then I read the whole thing through on paper and make copy edits. There are usually five or six per pages and in this case there were 220 pages. Fun, and brilliant, and exciting, yes! But also… a whole lot of words, words, words.

So this week, apart from writing to you guys (and it’s Sunday night, so it doesn’t quite count, I’m telling myself!) I am going to have a change and instead enjoy a week without words. If you’re half as nosy as I am, you might be wondering what I’m planning to do with myself. So here you go!

I am sorting out my office. I just started and so far I have done this:

Tidy bit

I know – I’m impressed with myself. But… oh dear…

Here is the next bit! YIKES!!!

Messy bit

I will also be spending lots of time with the lovely pony I’m helping to look after now. Her name is Nature (I know, how cute is that?!)


And I’m going to go on what we call the Alpaca Walk with Matt and Lottie the Wonderdog. The views are amazing:

Alpaca walk

And at the end you do, in fact, find these dudes!


And I’ll be making a couple (at least!) of trips to the fantastic Dylan’s Ice Cream at the end of my road. It has a lovely friendly atmosphere and Ben, on the right, is like the Willy Wonka of ice cream, inventing amazing new flavours every week, including Bumble Bee (honey with honeycomb pieces and chocolate swirl), Rhubarb Crumble, Carrot Cake and Aquafresh for Tooth Fairy Day (don’t worry, that was blueberry, strawberry and apple!).

Dylans crew

So those are just some of the things I’ll be up to in my week without (OK, with fewer) words!

Have a great week, all! Kellyx

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