The head under the bed

Want some inspiration for stories? Then get ear-wigging to other people’s conversations!

OK, so listening in can be a bit rude, but you never know when an idea will strike. Take Friday night, for example. I was on the bus into town and a lady behind me received a phone call. It went like this.

Lady on bus: Hello? Oh, hi. What’s that? Oh, don’t worry – the head’s under the bed.

What was that? The head is where?

As soon as I heard that, my imagination ran wild.

Who’s head is under the bed? And why are they keeping it there? Is it in a shoe box or rolling about in the dust bunnies? And where did they get it? Is it a long lost relative? Or should we check if anyone’s seen their postman really?

Or perhaps it isn’t an actual head. Perhaps it’s a head-teacher. But what’s he or she doing under there? Is he hiding or being hidden? Perhaps he’s a robot head-teacher, turned off and stored away for the weekend.

Or perhaps it isn’t the kind of the bed you sleep on. Perhaps it’s the sea bed! Perhaps the lady on the bus knows that a giant alien head is down on the sea-bed, waiting to be discovered – but by whom?

See what I mean? From one sentence, overheard on a bus, you could come up with a host of stories. All you’ve got to do is listen – and let your imagination run wild!

So tell me – what kind of head do you think was under what kind of bed?

2 thoughts on “The head under the bed

  1. the cylinder head for a very rare car? they have stolen it to lower the value of the car so that her partner can buy it and then put the original back in and make a small fortune
    the head of a skeleton of a tiger they dug up the night before to prove the tiger was poisoned – accident? deliberate? inheritance – but not what you think?

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