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The places in Pale Peak Burning, by Paula Harrison


View across Hope Valley

I recently finished editing the third book in my Red Moon Rising series. It’s called Pale Peak Burning and it’ll be released next May. The story is loosely set in the Dark Peak of Derbyshire and when I began writing it, back in 2013, I went to stay in the Youth Hostel in Eyam with a friend to get a flavour of the place. The main character, Laney, moves to the area near the beginning of the story. It’s a long way from the woods and gentle rivers of her home. The rough beauty of the countryside really strikes her and certain places are key to unearthing secrets about who she is and why she’s there. No spoilers though!

I love the Peak District. It’s a magnificent place with chunks of stone lying around on the hilltops alongside abandoned mill wheels that were cut out of the hillside more than a hundred years ago.


If you like a good view it’s a great place to visit. There are also some great pubs to eat in. The photo above is Baslow Edge and the one below is Curbar Edge. Amazing places! I took inspiration from the place names too. In Pale Peak Burning there is a mysterious peak called Groaning Tor. There are interesting place names all over the Peak District.


Red Moon Rising is a fantasy series following the fortunes of the Fair Eyes (faeries) who live as humans and who belong to the tribes Mist, Thorn, Greytail, Kestrel or Blaze. Each tribe possesses different elemental powers. Laney tries to find out who she really is and where she belongs in Pale Peak Burning. This book was great fun to write. Unfortunately not all the characters survive till the end! I’ll let you guess which ones don’t make it…

The second book in the series was published earlier this month.

dark tree shining

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