Here Comes Halloween! by Lynn Huggins-Cooper

No Tricks – Just Treats!

Halloween wedding cake

Halloween wedding cake

It’s half term for most people this week, and the countdown to Halloween has really begun. I LOVE Halloween – it’s my birthday, for starters. I was born just after midnight on Halloween 1964 so that makes me about a-quarter-to-old-lady this year…but that doesn’t mean I don’t love Halloween parties and all things spooky just as much as when I was a girl!  In fact, I love Halloween *SO* much, that my husband and I even got married at Halloween. I had a lovely black lacy dress, and made a huge orange wedding cake covered in pumpkins, spiders and ghosts. It’s no wonder I have ended up writing lots of creepy books, like ‘Too Ghoul for School,’ along with Tommy Donbavand, and ‘Walking With Witches’!
chocolatey goodness!

chocolatey goodness!

Since you probably have lots of time this week to make Halloween goodies, why don’t you make some decorations to pop on cupcakes ready for All Hallow’s Eve – they are perfect for munching on when you are watching a spooky film!

pumpkin patch

pumpkin patch

Here are some ideas for little fondant decorations you can make to decorate cakes this Halloween. Remember, grown ups like to do this stuff too – and they are handy to have around in the kitchen, to keep you safe from sharp things and the oven!

What you need:

Fondant (moulding) icing in white, black, orange and green

Cocktail sticks

Blunt butter knife

Greaseproof paper (to put the models on as you make them)

Small paintbrush (only used for food)

*Edible glue

*White edible sparkle dust

(*Both easily available in cake decorating shops)

What to do:


  1. Roll a marble sized ball of white icing.
  2. Flatten the ball, and form a teardrop shape by pinching one end.
  3. Pinch the rounded end of the teardrop to complete the ghost shape.
  4. Poke two holes with a cocktail stick for the eyes.
  5. Roll two small sausages to make ‘arms.’
  6. Add them to the ghost with a dab of edible glue.
  7. Roll a small black ball of fondant and add it to the ghost with edible glue to make a moaning mouth!
  8. Carefully dust the ghost with white sparkle dust for a spooky sheen.
Monster cake!

Monster cake!


  1. Mould together some green and orange fondant to make a marbled effect.
  2. Roll the fondant into a ball.
  3. Use the butter knife to make ‘segment’ marks on the pumpkin. Press the knife gently on the ball and roll the ball to make a vertical indentation.
  4. Mould a small black fondant sausage. Arrange it in a zig zag line to make a mouth. Use a dab of edible glue to attach it.
  5. Make two small balls with black fondant. Flatten the balls and press the sides to make triangles.
  6. Attach the triangles to the pumpkin with edible glue to make eyes.
pumpkin spice

pumpkin spice


  1. Roll a ball of black fondant to make the body.
  2. Roll eight sausages for ‘legs’ and add them with edible glue. Don’t make them too thin or too long, or they are liable to break.
  3. Roll two small white balls and two smaller black balls. Flatten the balls and attach the black ones to the white ones to make eyes. Use edible glue to attach them to the spider.
  4. Make two small white triangles and add them as ‘fangs.’
more pumpkins...

more pumpkins…

You can make these in advance and leave them to dry a little. It saves time so you can just make your cakes for Halloween on the day and add your ready made treats. Have lots of fun – Happy Halloween!

Pumpkins...with flowers!

Pumpkins…with flowers

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