Where’s that Mojo gone?



It’s been a long year so far. We’ve had one family disaster after another and it’s rather knocked the stuffing out of me. I started the year full of enthusiasm for my new book. I’d got it to first draft stage – people were keen to read it and I was putting them off because I wanted to give it a good edit first. It was all very exciting.

But then life got in the way, and the emotional energy I need to write just got sucked away. I picked up that first draft again and again. I read it through and made a few notes, but I didn’t make the changes to my routine which I needed to get re-connected with it and get the edit done. It just languished. And the longer that went on, the worse I felt about it all.

This summer, after most of the family stuff calmed down, I took the first draft folder on holiday, but instead of editing it, I picked up a book, and then another. I read a great pile of brilliant stories by really talented authors, and felt a small spark. I wanted to write, but I didn’t want to edit.

I was sitting talking with my daughter when a helicopter flew over the villa where we were staying. I wondered out loud who was on board and where they were going. And as I said it I knew what I needed to do. I grabbed my notebook and started to write. With no plan and no safety net the words poured out of me, and two days later I had seventeen handwritten pages, one complete short story and a very clear idea of how I could make it much longer.

It felt really, really good.

But when we got home life got in the way again, and it wasn’t until last week, on a couple of long train journeys to book events, that I finally managed to get the new story typed up. I didn’t edit it much, just got it down, then printed it out and stuck it in a file. 6,200 words of brand new, unexpected story. I also read the brilliant On Writing, by Stephen King, a book where he shares how he writes books that I can’t put down.

I left the file out where my two main beta-readers could find it, and went to work. I tried not to think about it all day and didn’t mention it when I got home. Luckily I didn’t need to – my daughter leapt on me, demanding to know what happened next. My husband liked it as well, offering praise and some helpful criticism.

And that felt pretty good too.

My mind is whirring with possibilities for my new story – the places it could go, the characters I could build and the dire situations I could put them all in. I feel like a writer again.

November is fast approaching. I could see if I could get a first draft of the new longer version of the story during NaNoWriMo (November is National Novel Writing Month). Or I could return to the old one and edit it until it shines. Or I could write something else, something utterly new, with no safety net. The possibilities are endless now my writing mojo is back.

7 thoughts on “Where’s that Mojo gone?

  1. This is a lovely post, Sue. Creativity is such a fragile thing, and I think people access it in different ways. But for most of us, difficulties in our personal lives can really stifle the ability to use our imagination in a sustained way. I hope very much that the new stories keep coming – and I think it can help very much if you don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

  2. Sue this post is AMAZING! Like yours, this years been long for me too, lots of stuff, but, if you stay off writing for a bit, new ideas are Magic, and they flow to you like bees to honey. 😀

    That’s BRILL, 6,000+ words to a new story, YAY!! 😀

  3. Your experience of a year of family disasters one after another really resonated with me. Despite everything I find that what I call my stubborn itch of creativity refuses to go away. Thank you for sharing your experience. So happy to hear that your mojo is up and running!

  4. Thank you so much for all your lovely comments. It has been tough and one of the things which has kept me going is the lovely bookish community here and on Twitter. You guys have all been ace (especially you, Laura!).

  5. Sorry to hear you had such a tough beginning to the year, and congratulations on getting back in the writing saddle–I look forward to seeing what you’ll come up with next 🙂

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