The Mystery of The Three Faces


Here is a mystery for you to solve. A story that only you can write.

Take a look at these three faces…

Only trouble is you can’t see the three faces because my laptop is playing up. So you are going to have to close your eyes…and visualise .

There are three figures standing in what looks like a white tent. All three figures are wearing white masks. You can see their eyes. There is a tall woman who is turning her head and bending down slightly. Beside her is a man in a white t shirt. His eyes are shiny. Perhaps he is wearing glasses . In the far corner stands a smaller figure with a shock of thick dark hair. They are standing very still. They are all looking at something in front of them.

Who are they?

Where are they?

What are they looking at?

What is that strange noise in the background?

Please tell me what happens next

Or what happened before

Or what will never happen again

Please tell me.

Then I might show you the picture!!!

4 thoughts on “The Mystery of The Three Faces

  1. Annie glanced over at Ben, who fiddled with his glasses.
    “We need that thing for research.”
    Annie swallowed, hard and looked ahead of her and felt her hand being taken hold of.
    Her daughter was holding her hand and felt the sweat of both her and her mother.
    Ahead of them, was a small, white bear cub.
    The poor thing was staring at them in fear, his eyes wide and terrified.
    “How did it get here, mom?”
    “I’m not sure darling, but we need to protect it from him, or it will die.”
    She glanced over at Ben, who was reaching for his pestle, his eyes locked on the poor cub.

    (It just came to me.)

  2. “Subject A, please move forward.”

    The woman’s gaze turns to the team of five doctors waiting at the entrance of the tent. She wants to look at Dan one more time, fully aware that this may be the last time she’ll see him again. Instead she walks forward, slowly, dragging each step to turn seconds into hours. She doesn’t dare to look at Mila, knowing that if she sees the innocence and terror laced in the young girl’s eyes, she’d fall apart. Instead she looks straight ahead at the doctors, their clipboards steadily grasped in their hands.

    “Subject B, Subject C, you may return to your quarters,” orders one of the doctors.

    Dan looks at Avrin, who is nearly as tall as some of the doctors. She has a strong build, thick muscles, but more importantly a think-on-you-feet wit. He knows all of that won’t be enough, not in the lab, where the experiments performed would strip Samson himself of all his strength.
    So he decides to do the only thing that comes to mind, the one solution that can buy Avrin—and all three of them—some time.

    “Wait,” he calls out.

    The doctors turn around and look at him. Some of their faces show confusion, others annoyance. No test subject ever bothers to negotiate or even speak to the medical team.

    Avrin’s brows furrow and she sees Mila’s head turn in Dan’s direction, the same look of surprise and unease sitting on her face.

    “ You will not run experiments today.” Dan’s voice is surprisingly calm. He ignores Avril’s piercing stare, knowing that she is silently calling him an idiot for endangering himself in such way.

    “And why is that, Subject B?” asks one doctor with fiery red hair and a graying beard. His tone is mocking, willing to entertain whatever ridiculous response is about to come out of Dan’s mouth.

    “Because the HUGEN will stop spinning in exactly one hour.” Dan lets the words sit there for a few long moments. The silence hanging in the air masks the erratic thumps made by his heart. But this is no time to be scared or nervous. He’s chosen this as the time to rebel—perhaps not the wisest choice considering that the commissioner wouldn’t get there till tomorrow—and he had to carry through in order to save Avril.

    The Asian doctor moves a couple of steps forward. “What did you say?”

    Dan swallows hard and eyes the man with a direct stare. “In one hour HUGEN will be compromised by a small, secretive team of hackers. The DNA selector will no longer be working, the stored strands destroyed by the lack of power, and the entire operation will be shut down.” He weights the meaning of his words and he realize he just dropped a three hundred ton brick on the place.

    “How do we know this isn’t a joke? Some type of distraction to make us shake in our boots?” The red haired doctor laughs, eyeing Dan from head to toe with a disgusted look.

    “I guess you don’t,” Dan replies with a smirk. “You’ll just have to wait and see for yourself. But if I am right, and I am, every singe DNA profile stored for the last ten years will be corrupted.”

    The doctors exchanged looks. If this information was correct their very lives were now in jeopardy.

    “This is utter nonsense,” said the doctor to the far right. “Our security measures prevent these types of infiltration. He’s just trying to protect this one—“ he points at Avril, “from the lab.” He looks at Dan with rebuke. “Unless you have hard proof then your mumblings are worthless.”

    The doctor turned around, the medical team and Avril about to exit the tent. Avril’s last glance fell on Dan, her green tinged eyes saying a silent good-bye.

    Mila stepped forward and Avril smiled, the motherly tendencies she had developed toward the girl wanting to reassure her everything was going to be okay. It was then she caught Mila grab something out of her pocket. In the flash of one quick second, Mila’s hand hurtled something towards the doctor to the far right. A quick gasp and then the back of his white coat pooled with blood, right in the middle of his back.

    Immediately he fell to the ground, his eyes wide with pain and confusion. Dangling in the center of the bloody mess was the Inceptor, the small metal wand with the red handle she and Dan had seen the night before. With a thump he fell face first onto the ground, lifeless.

    The doctors dropped their clipboards. Looking up from their collegue’s back and to the young girl—the shy, quiet Mila Amberby, they stared in bewilderment.

    Mila tore the mask off her face. Her mouth twisted in a grin. “How’s that for hard proof?”

    (Might’ve gotten overboard with this….eh eh)

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