All About Edits

Today’s post will be short and sweet- an edited version, if you like, of my writerly thoughts. I am chin-deep in edits on a deadline that’s looming ever closer. Which is a bit of a worry considering I’m not even halfway through the tweaks Strange Star needs. My thoughts right now are mostly  ‘ARRRGGGHHH’ and ‘DON”T SPEAK TO ME’ and ‘ IT MUST BE YOUR TURN TO WALK THE DOGS’.


Panic aside, I love the editing process. First drafts are not my friend. I find them painful and rather embarrassing, like dancing badly in a room full of people you don’t know. Editing is all about perfecting those moves.

Both editors I’ve worked with at Faber have been brilliant, the sort of people who know how to tell you what works and what doesn’t without making you feel a complete and utter halfwit. I trust what they tell me. But I’m also learning to trust myself. There’s nothing I like better than finding my own solution to the bits that aren’t quite right, or to cutting and trimming until the whole thing reads… well… like a book.


So, the next couple of week are going to be all about edits. I’ll be eating, sleeping, wearing Strange Star like a person possessed. And actually, I’m rather looking forward to it!

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