Sisters, sisters! – Emma Barnes

I’ve been thinking recently about my favourite books about sisters. I was a sister myself. (Still am, come to think of it.) Squabbling with my sister was a big part of my life growing up. (Still is, come to think of it.) So perhaps that’s why I always enjoyed reading about sisters too. (Yes, you guessed it…I still do.)

Some of my favourites include My Naughty Little Sister, which is still in print today. Have a look for it next time you’re in the library. When I sent my book Wild Thing (about a very mischievous little sister called Josephine and her sensible older sister
Kate)  to my publisher, I was very pleased when they described it as “a modern day My Naughty Little Sister”.


Some of my other favourites are:

Ballet Shoes – about the four talented Fossil sisters.

Lotte and Lisa – this is the book that the film “Parent Trap” is based on.

Double Act – this one I read as a grown-up.

One of the best and most famous “sisters” books of all is Little Women. Have you ever read it? Or seen the film?

One of the appealing things about Little Women is that the four sisters are all so different. Whoever you are, you can probably relate to one or other of the March sisters. And I was amused to see this quiz a while ago to find out “Which Little Woman are you”?

Why don’t you give it a try?

5 thoughts on “Sisters, sisters! – Emma Barnes

  1. Jacqueline Wilson recently wrote a very good modernised version of “What Katy did” the only thing missing was the relationships she has with her brothers and sister which I would have liked to read more of…would you ever consider writing a modern version of Little Women Emma?

    • I’d certainly consider it, Frances – in fact, I have thought of writing a modern day story about four very different sisters. But I’m not sure I’d be brave enough to admit to writing a modern “Little Women”…

      I haven’t read Jacqueline Wilson’s “Katy” yet – I agree the sibling relationships are a really important part of the original. As well as “Double Act” I really like how Jacqueline Wilson handles sibling relationships in “The Worst Thing About My Sister” and also “Sleepovers” where one sister is profoundly disabled.

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